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Black Fabric

Having dinner with a vampire is more disconcerting when he's planning to have you for dessert.

I’ve always wanted to escape my ordinary existence.
Then an invitation to attend a Halloween party in the Heavenly Mansion arrives.
Now, I'm trapped in a mansion with three gorgeous men who want to do everything to please me.
They claim I’m the reincarnation of their sire, and they want me to become their Vampire Queen. My mind cautions me about playing their seductive games.
My body disagrees and wants to savor every moment we spend together.
With lovers like them, how can I refuse their promises of eternal love if it means they might die without me?

Vampire Courts series (1).png

Can I still be me when I have someone else’s memories in my head?

I’m playing with fire, and I might have been having too much fun while dating three gorgeous men.

As I discover more about my lovers, the more I crave them and their full attention.

For the first time, I feel safe, loved, and understood.

Richard, Antoine, and Simon have proven they can keep me safe, and I’m reluctant about returning to my old life.

Mainly because their lives depend on me, and I can’t have enough of them.

But when another vampire targets me to awaken the memories of my past life and bring chaos to the Vampire Courts, I must run against time to save my life and my personality while hoping my lovers find me before it’s too late.

Vampire Courts series (2).png
Vampire Courts series (3).png

To be with the ones I love, I must claim them before the Sovereign Queen.


Unexpectedly turned into a vampire, and with Victoria’s memories taking over my mind, I’m thrust into the politics and intrigue of the Vampire Courts.

The Sovereign Queen summons my knights and me to prove I have what it takes to be a Vampire Queen. There’s only a not-so-small problem—my knights are the ones putting their lives at risk so I can continue to live as an immortal.

Together we are supposed to be stronger, but I don’t know what I’ll do if something bad happens to either of them.

As the trials become ruthless, I need to find allies among the vampire aristocracy.

Still, am I prepared to sacrifice any of my knights so I can live?

Vampire Courts series (4).png

Victoria wanted a new life, clean of nightmares and bad life decisions.

Seemed easy, right?
She didn't know old, buried memories would surface and haunt me.

It's painful to live with the demons lurking out to get me, but I have to endure for the sake of my knights.
They count on me. I can't disappoint them. Too many lives depend on my sanity and will to survive—including the life of my unborn child.

One last trial to face and win so we can be free from the Sovereign Queen's jealousy and grudge.

But we discover this is the most brutal and twisted challenge we've ever faced. She wants us dead!

The Vampire Courts can be ruthless, but my unique condition raises interest among the powerful clans and royals from other countries.

With new allies and a secret weapon, I'll face my former sister's challenge with a smile. But if anything happens to us, the ones who survive will bring hell upon her and her tyrannical rule.
Margaret has no idea whom she's messing with.

Let the game begin.

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