All magic comes with a price, and revenge might not be as satisfying as advertised.


Violet is a sorcerer, a huntress, and a vampire who works for a secret organization ruled by the Eylones—powerful immortal sorcerers—that defend humans from the monsters that lurk in the shadows.

Her alluring former vampire master taught her how to seduce her prey.


Once she was saved from certain death, her sexy Eylone commander taught her how to fight and use the magic in her blood. The deadly combination of these two skills makes her one of the most powerful enchantresses roaming the streets after dark. Violet is a unique and powerful weapon against the monsters that hunt humans.

Since she was liberated, she has been waiting for the opportunity to destroy the one who stole her from her parents and broke her heart into pieces. Now they need her to go undercover and seduce the vampire that could lead them to the master of all vampires. Violet will have to confront old feelings and purge her soul in order to find her rightful place among the Eylones she descended from.

All is fair in love and war, but can all transgressions be forgiven?

Violet is a deadly huntress and sorceress who has waited for a long time to have her revenge and punish her vampire sire, Ewan. In an undercover mission, she gets close to him by pretending to be someone else. 

Meanwhile, the black widows—an evolution of the vampires with psychic powers—are becoming a problem for the secret organization she works for.

The enchantress needs to use all her tricks to get closer to Ewan and gain his trust. But the more time she spends with him, the more she understands that she might not be that immune to his charms. Worse, Ewan seems changed—different from the coldhearted bastard that she remembered. Still, her emotional connection with her sorcerer master becomes stronger every day.

Fighting against old feelings and trying to deal with the new ones, Violet finds herself being the object of desire of two dominant males who will do anything to win her heart. Still, the sorceress has a job to do and Ewan might be the one with the final piece to find the Vampire Creator and stop his evil plan.

With time running out, Violet needs to decide if she wants to let go of her past and embrace her new immortal and powerful self or fall into old habits and give up on everything that she accomplished so far.

Read the epic conclusion to this sexy Urban Fantasy story with powerful beings born to fight the vampires and a story of redemption and healing that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Book 3 is already planned for 2019, following a brand new heroine in the universe that thousands of readers already swoon over. 

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