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Claimed: wrong ebook file delivered by Amazon

First, I would like to apologize to everybody who pre-ordered Claimed and received the wrong file. My worst nightmare became true and I can't do anything but to hope that Amazon fixes this problem as soon as possible. I contacted them as soon as I checked the product display and saw that what was showing was the placeholder and not the final uploaded file.

I immediately checked the paperback, and the final file was showing there. The paperback preview was showing the correct file. I logged in to my dashboard and checked the previewer: the ebook previewer was showing the correct file.

So what went wrong?

I have no idea.

I contacted Amazon and told them what was happening. They normally take 24h to reply so at this point I don't know what their answer will be. I also shared on my social media what is going on so that the ones who follow me read this and request Amazon to update the correct file. I'm just one person and they might just blame it all on me.

I'm upset but trying to do damage control. What I can say is I'M TRULY SORRY and I hope that you are patient enough to wait for this to be sorted out. You already waited one extra month to grab this story. :( So this happening sucks and guts me but I can only hope the correct file is updated and sent to your kindle reader/app.

That is one of the reasons I'm writing this blog post. It will show on my Goodreads' page and Amazon's author profile.

I'm also sending this message to my subscribers on my Newsletter and I updated on Facebook.

here are the images of what's going on:

What's showing on the ebook previewer

Above is what's showing on the ebook previewer. Below is what is showing on the paperback previewer (the correct file):

And this is what's showing on my Dashboard (the ebook previewer):

I have no idea why the file wasn't properly uploaded. It seems that a few other authors had the same problem for these last weeks. So it must be some glitch on Amazon's Dashboard.

Again, I'm so so sorry, and I really hope this problem is fixed soon. :(


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