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Rite to Reign Box Set - Only you can make this happen

I've been super busy with writing all the books that are to be released this year. I've also been busy with editing, outlining, coming up with cover ideas, and taking care of my family. In the middle of that all, I've been actively promoting my books and coming up with ideas for enticing giveaways.

But I can't do anything without your help. Not only I appreciate all the readers who keep buying my books and making it possible to write new ones (you know who you are), but I also appreciate all the words of support I receive whenever I decide to vent and rant on my Newsletters (I'm sorry to the ones who have to deal with that).

If you aren't aware, I've joined a box set with other authors so that together we could hit the USA Today List. We are working hard, but it seems that whatever we do, the sales aren't showing.

That brings me to this blog post.

I need your help.












I'm not being dramatic. Much. ^_^

I need more pre-orders on this set to make my dream come true.

It's only 99c and you get a lot more stories to read. The box set is available in several retailers.

All you have to do is pre-order it. After doing so, you can even win more stuff. We have pre-order incentives. Really cool stuff.

I can't remember a time where a box set had so many cool gifts. We have a group where authors post daily and offer all sorts of sweet stuff.

So if you want to help me and can spare 99c, I'll leave you a few links to where you can pre-order the box set, join the party, and even participate in a Scavenger Hunt where there are more prizes to win.

Are you excited about this?


Get set and go to this page to see the gifts you can get with this simple pre-order:

To participate on the Scavenger Hunt where each day there's a new author who is offering something. You can start the hunt here:

To simply pre-order the box set, go here:

To join the party, go here:

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