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The Cursed Angels Series - Series Re-brand

I have great news! I have re-branded the Angels of Paris Chronicles. You can see all the AMAZING covers on my website!

The books have new ASINs, titles, and even a brand-new series name.

The formerly known series: The Angels of Paris Chronicles is now The Cursed Angel Series.

Below you can see the covers and also the animations that were created for them. If you are reading this and love the artwork, you can also download a wallpaper. More swag for this coming in February, so be sure to add yourself to my mailing list to have news about this series, promotions, and swag.

Now the covers!

Gargoyles, Angels, and Vampires. Deadly enemies. An Angel Prince looking for his fated mate to break his curse. A Vampire King with a heart of stone.

Aria's powers as a Red Angel are something that’s not been seen for a long time. Prince Cedric couldn’t be happier about her transformation. Yet, Aria feels the angel inside her wants to take over her personality and transform her into a ruthless warrior.

War is coming and innocent lives are at stake.

You can buy all the books in a single box set that also includes a paperback.

Check the wallpaper that was made for this series.

And I had the first cover animated :)

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