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What is new this month?

I uploaded the final word doc for His Beloved!

It's done. I'll be sending emails to my awesome reviewers who have successfully reviewed the Immortal Love Series. :D

I have begun writing a new story called Hidden Princess. It's going well but I may have to stop to focus on His Mate and Shattered. I often write a lot of stories at the same time. I'm also working on a prequel for Soul-Mate. You'll know all about this soon enough.

Oh, and for the ones who read The Witch and the Vampire King, I'll be doing a google doc to ask for favorite quotes, in return for your help, I'll be offering you a mobi or epub file with the tale: The Cursed Prince.

To anyone who is a big fan of this series, they might remember a certain fairy tale that Marcus is helping Jessica translate. Well, I actually wrote the fairy tale when I was writing the story. The other day, I had a bit of time to kill, therefore, I purchased a few pics from Depositphotos and began formatting the story with pics.


Then it may be time to go over the story and write down your favorite quotes so you are ready when I share the google form. It will be done via Newsletter & Private group.

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