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Secret Legends - Release Week

Secret Legends is here.

I can't wait to know what you think about my Dragon Kissed's story. It's my first dragon shifter novel and I really like my new characters and world. :) This story can only be read with Secret Legends.

Don't forget you can buy this set for only 99c from limited time.

Doing that you'll have several brand new stories to read and you'll also support the authors! It's wide and once it's released it won't be 99c for long.

Blurb For Dragon Kissed

Nothing will stop him from claiming her.

Barbara is on the run. Her brother sends her a powerful artifact with instructions to deliver it to a dragon-shifter in one of the coldest places in the world. With gunmen coming after her, she needs protection.

Arriving in Alaska, Barbara finds Jason’s friend, but she’s received at gunpoint.

Kayden and his twin brothers live a peaceful life. Being the few last dragons in the world, they need to stay away from the spotlights and trouble. But trouble is what finds Kayden in the form of a stunning red-haired who claims to be the sister of one of his navy friends—Jason Kent.

Despite the attraction, Kayden wants nothing to do with Barbara’s problem. Yet honor forces him to give her shelter and a place to stay until the blizzard ends and she can return to where she came from. He just doesn’t count that she’s his fated mate and a touch of their lips bonds them forever and turns him into her protector.

So grab it now on




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