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Tantalizing Paranormal Giveaway

How much do we love our readers? We'd like to show you!

One winner will win a Kindle and an E-book from each author. A second winner will win an E-book from each author.

One simple entry will subscribe you to multiple Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Author Newsletters.

Plus, gain additional entries through bonus sign ups!

Unsubscribe any time, but please don't label us as spam. Better still, stick around and get to know us.

Participating Authors:

Jamaila Brinkley | Rissa Blakeley| R.K. Close | Shelique Lize | Mary Hughes | Lexi C. Foss | Anna Santos |Isadora Brown| Erin Bedford | Jennifer Rose McMahon | Kate Thomas | Talina Perkins | C.J. Scarlett | Sarah J. Stone | Demelza Carlton | T.S. Ryder | Nancey Cummings | Brandy Dorsch |Emma Storm

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