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Release of Red Angel

Red Angel, the second book of The Angels of Paris Chronicles, is released and you can already purchase it. So make sure you grab you copy while you can!

Here's the awesome cover!


Aria's powers as a Red Angel are something that’s not been seen for a long time.

Prince Cedric couldn’t be happier about her transformation. Yet, Aria feels the angel inside her wants to take over her personality and transform her into a ruthless warrior.

To make things worse, the Vampire King regrets rejecting her and wants her back. Aria can't deny the attraction to her former mate, but she wants to stay true to Cedric and the love that had blossomed between them.Tensions rise between vampires and angels.

Philippe and Cedric need to put their differences aside if they want to stop a dangerous drug, Clarity. The trouble doesn’t stop there as vicious creatures will do anything to start a war in the supernatural community and prevent Cedric from surviving the trial.

This is the second part of Captive. You need to read that book first.

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