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Fears, confessions, and feelings

A Book Release Party is a huge event in the life of any writer. Especially when the author is stressed like myself and keep thinking that no one will come or something will go wrong, or I'll mess up. Hmm... The good thing about this is that I don't have to talk in public. If I had... oh boy! Not everybody is extrovert and thinks that talking in public is the best thing ever, even if I'm going to be talking about my book, the first paranormal book that I'm editing in English! I'm still really nervous! And if no one shows up? :(

"Soul-Mate" also happens to be the first book that made me "famous" in Wattpad. And the first book of a series of three books that are really close to my heart and gave me a lot of happiness wriiting.

The published version of "Soul-Mate" has come a long way from its draft in Wattpad. Many of you may not know this, but I changed a lot in the last chapters and I added two brand new chapters. It was really easy for me to improve the draft since I had a lot more knowledge of the world I had created and Shane and Annabel are two of my favorite characters and they are really easy to write.

My main concern when I was improving the story was to stay true to the characters and give importance to all the critiques and aspects of the supernatural world that needed further explanation. I hope I have achieved that. At least, the betareaders thought I did.

I'm fully aware that I can't please everybody. This story may not be appealing for some readers. It may be amazing to others. But I write to please myself. Writing for me is a pleasure, an escape, and I want to offer that to my readers.

I guess that one of the biggest compliments a writer can have is when a reader leaves messages saying that it's the third or even the fifth time they read our story. It leaves a warm feeling in our hearts. I had an amazing feedback from readers and I hope that now that the story is available for purchase, the book keeps bringing happiness and an escape from reality to other people.

If you are one of those people who love this series, leave me a comment or simply share my book with your friends and family when it's on sale.

Make an author happy, give him a virtual hug by leaving a message or sharing the books! And join her Book Release Event! Press the banner bellow :)

Thank you to the ones reading!

<3 Anna

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