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Fairy Tale Descendants Series

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When your last name is Charming, and your family believes that you’re a direct descendant of Cinderella, you are prone to be the target of some bullies growing up. It’s no wonder you close up and want to become invisible.

That is, until Carl, my eternal crush, breaks up with his cheerleader girlfriend. I finally have a chance to seduce him, and there’s a ball coming up that’s the perfect place for a first romantic date. But going through a makeover turns out to be an impossible task that makes me the target of more bullying.

Looking for a bit of comfort in the fairytale items that my parents guard with their own lives, I try on the glass slippers they claim belonged to Cinderella. To my utter excitement and dread, they are magical and take me to another world where a handsome elf prince throws endless parties while waiting for his queen to find him.

As I seek refuge in that other world and befriend Edrahil, the dark prince, I discover that a promise has been made in the past, and the prince might find his demise if he doesn’t find his beloved soon.

In a twist of fate, Edrahil decides to play matchmaker and help me conquer my lover’s heart in return for taking the magical slippers in a race against time to find his beloved.

Dating Carl is a dream come true, so why do I feel as if I made a terrible mistake?

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Next book planned for this series

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