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These  steampunk fairy tale retellings have a new twist in the most famous world folk  tales. Your princesses and your favorite supernatural beings come alive to give you a swoon-worthy reading experience that will leave you breathless.

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The Fayland Map

A Beauty and the Beast fairy tale retelling

Belle has only one goal in life—kill the beast that killed her father. To achieve that goal, she agrees to consider marrying the town’s best hunter if he trains her into becoming the first huntress of her kingdom.

On her first mission, things go terribly wrong, and Belle is captured.

Alpha Drake and his pack have been hiding in the Black Forest to protect a powerful magical object. They are shapeshifters and guardians, yet the humans of the neighboring kingdom believe they are nothing more than beasts.


One night, in the woods, he saves a young woman who was being attacked by his archenemy, the Black Wolf.

Belle survives, but she’s turned into a werewolf, and the insufferable beast who saved her doesn’t let her leave his domain. She’s trapped and has no way to let her mother know that she’s alive. The more time she spends with the pack, the more she questions everything she believed to be true. That doesn’t stop her from trying to escape and return to her village. 

Alpha Drake has other plans for the new addition to his pack.


Queen Marlena needs her stepdaughter gone if she intends to rule the Meadows Kingdom without anyone else influencing the King’s mind. Therefore, she convinces her husband that it’s time for Princess Snow to get married.

A ball is arranged, and Snow is forced to choose a husband among the human, fae, vampire, and werewolf princes. The future looks grim for the princess.

The vampire prince of the White Cloud Kingdom has no wish of marrying a human princess for political leverage. Arriving late at the ball, Dorian encounters a fascinating young lady who seems to be in distress. When their eyes meet, their fate is sealed.

The last thing Queen Marlena wants is for her stepdaughter to find happiness and immortality with a handsome vampire prince. If she can’t make Snow’s life miserable, she’d rather have her dead.

Will Snow be strong enough to fight the black magic and save her father and her kingdom from the evil queen?

Magic mirror on the wall, who's the smartest of them all?

A Snow White Retelling


A  Cinderella Retelling

Left to die in a dangerous forest by her stepmother, Cindy survives with the help of an older woman, known as Godmother, and finds a new family with a werewolf pack.

She lives a happy life until she discovers that the king of where she was born is looking for her. Cindy decides to attend a masked ball to find out what’s going on, which shouldn’t be a problem when your godmother knows fairies who can dress you like a princess and hide your identity behind a magical crystal mask that shouldn’t be removed.

There’s just a problem. While growing up, the prince of the Shattered Bones Island didn’t lose a chance to make fun of her. Now, she must seduce him to find out why his royal family is looking for her. If she can find him in a ball with more handsome princes than she can handle.

When Prince Solveig insists on taking Cindy back home and removes her mask, Cindy needs to run for her life. Only her friends can get her safely to the Fairy Island where the queen reveals a shocking truth—Cindy has fairy blood, and she’s going to turn into a fairy after her twenty-first birthday.

However, when Cindy finally wakes up from her transformation, her world comes crumbling down. Someone dear to her is dead, and the Dark King has been released. Racing against time, she needs to save her friends from the deadly elf.

With her newfound powers, will Cindy be able to protect everybody she loves, especially the one she doesn’t want to forget?

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