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Academy of Spells and Wishes


Welcome to the Academy of Spells And Wishes, where you'll find everything from time travellers to reapers. Delve into eleven tales of lessons, magic, and academy life. 

Whether you want to fall in love, or just go on an adventure, there's something for everyone in this collection!

A portion of the proceeds from Academy of Spells And Wishes will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. There are no bully romance stories in this collection.

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Existence: Exclusive in the Academy of Spells and Wishes

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There are three things I know for a fact:

I'm dead.

Angels exist.

I'm becoming one, just not the fluffy and harmless type.


Kaleb wakes up in a strange and dangerous city with no recollection of what happened to him. A pretty, black-haired, angel young woman with an attitude saves him from a nightcrawler and informs him that he’s in a limbo-like dimension where angels exist, and dark creatures lurk in the night ready to suck the vital energy of wandering souls.

Stuck with the soul she rescued, Wind discovers that the young man is, in fact, her new partner, and she has to be her guide and train him in the Nightkeepers Academy.


Under Wind's supervision and attending the academy's classes, Kaleb will learn to be a nightkeeper—a guardian angel. That is if he manages to survive until graduation.



Angels—perfect humanoid beings with huge bird-like wings. It was an interesting religious concept, but to me, they were myths and not real. That was until I saw one and all I believed was put to the test. Everything I thought to be a fairy tale became part of my reality.

It all began on a dark night. Shadows lurked in the dark, and my inner voice kept telling me that I wasn’t safe. I jaywalked on the streets of the city, hood over my head, hands in my pockets, and my ears tuned on unusual and menacing sounds. I was lost and unsure of how I had gotten here. One thing was certain: someone or something was following me, waiting for my guard to drop, so they could come out of the shadows to either take me or hurt me.



“This isn’t a nightmare. Trust me. The earlier you accept you’re dead and can’t go back to the world of the living, the earlier your wings will emerge, and your powers wake up.”

“Wings?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. My interest piqued. The possibility of having wings was enticing. “Powers. What sort of powers?”

Wind shrugged. “How should I know? I’m not a Seer. But by what I saw in that alley, running and resisting the shadows isn’t one of your powers.”

The sarcasm in her voice made me sneer. “I was caught off guard, and I had no idea what those things were.”

“Though, you evaded them throughout the city as if you knew they were after you,” she stated as if it was an accomplishment.

“I think I knew. I had a feeling. Something was alerting me about them.”

“That’s excellent. Having a sixth sense or a spider-sense, as we like to call it, is always a plus to being a decent nightkeeper.”

“What exactly is a nightkeeper?”

Wind paused in the middle of the white corridor in front of a sliding metal door. To me, that place looked more like a hospital than a headquarters.

“A nightkeeper is a warrior who fights during the night to keep the nightcrawlers from feeding on the souls of the dead and the unsuspecting humans that walk in the material world.”

“What do you mean by unsuspecting humans?”

“There’s a thin barrier between our world and the world of the living. Our city mingles with others around the world. An alley can take you to Tokyo or London. You’re never quite sure where you are. The power above us takes us to where we need to be. Besides, humans can’t see you as they can’t see the nightcrawlers. That is how they feed on them, unnoticed.”

“So… We’re some sort of protectors, guardians, angels, what?”

“We’re angels since we have wings. But we aren’t like the fluffy angels that humans talk about.”

“Yes, I can see that.”

“We’re warriors. We fight to protect humanity from the unseen monsters during the night."

To be continued...

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