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Immortal Love Series - Paranormal Romance


     Hybrids are aberrations and they don't have soul-mates.

.Annabel is a hybrid vampire hunter, seeking revenge against the vampire who killed her parents and put her brother in a coma.

The world has changed, but her kind is still not welcomed among some supernatural communities. When she arrives undercover in a new town with the mission to find an original vampire to save her brother’s life, the last thing Annabel needs is to fall in love with the sexy, persistent werewolf who thinks she’s a helpless human in need of a knight in shining armor.

Shane feels the pull when he sees her and is certain when he smells her--the sexy brunette is the soul-mate he's been searching for almost two hundred years.

When rogue vampires attack her, he does what any smart wolf would do: he saves her and takes her home, hoping to convince the human that they belong together.

When sparks fly between them, Annabel has to decide if she tells Shane who she really is or runs the other way to protect her secrets and save her life.


The Witch and the Vampire King (Book 2)



     Jessica is a young and powerful witch on a desperate mission to find her soul-mate—a hot vampire king who haunts her dreams with steamy memories of their blissful past life. The problem is that he could already be dead. To complicate matters further, a psychotic vampire is after her. He wants the grimoire she stole. 

For protection, she can only rely on her best friend’s family. When she arrives at Affinity, she is brought closer to her goal. But encountering the man of her dreams is only half the battle. Convincing him that she is his reincarnated love may prove to be next to impossible. 

Some memories should remain hidden. If unlocked, death will claim Jessica before her enemy. Although, her survival won’t matter if she faces a rejection that will shatter her very soul.

Spellbound (Book 3)



     Jessica is on the run, but this time she’s evading her own mate so that she can secure their happily ever after.

Ruthless and biased vampire Alaric put a bounty on Jessica’s head. She’s the only one who can break his curse—or so he thinks.

The witch isn’t going to wait for him to make his move. She decides to take matters into her own hands and cooks up a plan to find his whereabouts and end his reign of terror. With the help of her friends, they embark on a dangerous mission to find and kill their ruthless enemy.

Yet, despite the team’s good intentions, their plan can go seriously wrong and lives might be lost in the process.

This is book 3 of the Immortal Love Series and the continuation of The Witch and the Vampire King. You'll need to read book 2 first before this one. Book 1 can be read as a standalone. 
Warning: This book contains violent and sexual situations. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Shattered (Book 4)


For centuries, Beth and her sister Marie dreamed of finding their soul-mates. But all their dreams are shattered when the person who should love and take care of Marie ends up to be the cruelest of the monsters.

After being held captive for several years by the lunatic vampire who had fun abusing and torturing her, Beth is rescued from the endless nightmare she had been living. Only to find out that her soul-mate is the youngest brother of the vampire she hates the most in the whole world–her tormentor and Marie's mate.

Eric dreams of finding his soul-mate for almost two hundred years. When his family tries to apprehend his older brother Alaric, his wish comes true but with a price. His mate is terrified of him and males in general because of what his brother did to her. Eric needs to win her trust and make her believe that he's nothing like Alaric and he would never hurt her.
Beth believes that her soul is damaged beyond repair. 

Can Eric fix her or are they doomed to be alone forever? 


Sacrifice (Book 5)


Finding her soul-mate is a dream coming true for Beth. Eric is all she could ask of a mate, and he loves her with a passion that makes everything seem better. She begins to open up, her walls start to crumble, and she has never felt this happy. Still, it’s foretold that Alaric will come for her. A lot sooner than she expects. 

Unknown to all, Marie has managed to trap her mate in a secure location so that she can give birth to their child. But Alaric is too cunning to stay trapped forever. 
The young daughter of his prison guard grows enchanted by the mysterious man in the holding cell. He seduces her and convinces her that he’s in love and she needs to help him break free. 

Things escalate quickly, and Alaric finds his way to Affinity where he finds out that Elizabeth is alive. Finding her with his younger brother only increases his anger. 

Will Eric and Beth be strong enough to survive his wrath? ​


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