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Decades ago, an unknown enemy wiped out all the Moon Goddess’s priestesses. An entire pack of magical and sacred werewolves was gone. 
Since then, magic has been disappearing, and werewolves can no longer recognize their fated ones and communicate telepathically.
Ashley’s grandfather believes she’s the last Moon Goddess Priestess, so he has protected her all her life and made her swear she’d never tell anyone who she is and what she can do. 
Due to that, she lives a lonely and uneventful life until she’s kidnapped.
Taken by human thugs, Ashley does her best to escape before they deliver her to the one who ordered her abduction.
Connor is the recently crowned Alpha of the Spirit Walker Pack. While still mourning his older brother’s death, he goes into the sacred forest of his territory to embrace and discover the powers inherited by his family’s bloodline. 
When he witnesses an accident and saves a beautiful woman from the wreckage, he has no idea of the trouble he got himself in until hired assassins come to find Ashley and kill everybody who stands in their way. 
In the wilderness and being hunted down, Connor does his best to keep Ashley safe. 
As his heart begins to beat faster for her and she claims they are fated, will Connor lead his pack against an unknown powerful enemy to keep Ashley safe?

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