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Academy of Magic

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A little learning is a dangerous thing, but an education at the Academy of Magic is a whole other ball game….

Choose wisely because the magical education you pick could set the course of your whole life….or sometimes ever after.

Join Mages, shifters, princes, princesses, witches and spies in this fantastical collection of magical academy books by USA Today and Amazon best selling authors.

Class is now in session.

Wings of Fire: Exclusive in the Academy of Magic Box Set

PROLOGUE (excerpt) 



When you’ve lived most of your life in a Hunter Academy for gifted supernaturals, there’s not a lot that surprises you. There’s also not a lot that you don’t know before you’re old enough to actually sign up for the classes. It’s not shocking that when I was eighteen, instead of being one of the students, I became the headmaster’s assistant. About the headmaster, he’s my grandfather. He took me in when I was twelve. A few days after my parents were killed. I was his son’s only child. He doesn’t have any more children, either, since supernatural radicals killed my grandmother in the Great War.

My world isn’t much different from yours except that humans know we exist. They don’t fear us, and our leaders try their best to protect them from the more radical races that want to enslave them. We see humans as our equals, and that’s why Hunter Academies are essential to train the supernaturals in the art of fighting and magic. We don’t discriminate, either. We have mages, werewolves, vampires, and humans among our ranks.

Our states are divided into small kingdoms governed by a senate and a president. Some states are ruled by kings or queens, depending on how their subjects are willing to see them. I live in the Sanabria Kingdom.

Chapter 4 Snippet

Grace wаlkеd tоwаrdѕ thе vаmрirе. A ѕtаkе rаiѕеd in hеr hаnd оvеr his hеаrt. Yet, her hand didn’t move as her eyes caught the sight of his figure under the moonlight. He smelled different, almost familiar to her. He also glowed differently from the rest.

Her eyes lingered on his handsome face. Lycans and vampires are mostly attractive creatures, but this vampire was more than beautiful, he was mesmerizing.

Grace knelt beside him. “My Gоd, he looks like аn аngеl.”

Andrea barked. “Spear him аlrеаdу.”

Grace didn’t move. “How do we even know that he’s a vampire? I’ve never seen one like him. Have you?”

Andrea stepped closer and glanced down. “What do you mean?”

Grace gulped, not sure how to explain to her friend. “He glows and smells differently to the rest of them.”

Andrea growled. When Grace looked at her, she noticed that her friend had changed back to her human form.

“I haven’t lost my mind,” Grace assured.

“He was here with them, wasn’t he? He’s our enemy, and we should kill him.”

Grace got up and scouted the premises. “Can’t you smell the ashes? There were many enemies here, and they are all gone. There’s just him. He’s the only one left.”

Andrea folded her arms. “Your point?”

“He killed them. I saw it.”

Her best friend arched an eyebrow. “Have you lost your mind? We’ve never seen him before. They attacked us in our home. We killed them. Maybe it was Michael’s group who killed these and failed to kill him. You know how powerful Darren is.”

“No. I would have seen his fire powers if Darren had done this. Michael’s group is closer to the mansion.” Grace looked at the young male again. “Also, I heard the vampires call a name. A name that many fear. Didn’t you?”

“I was too busy killing them.”

“I don’t want to kill him,” Grace mumbled. “I can’t.”

“Well, I can.” In a flash, Andrea grabbed the stake from Grace’s hand and raised it above her head.

Something inside Grace snapped, and she caught Andrea’s wrist. She shoved her friend back as her canines grew in her mouth, and her nails turned into claws. “You’ll have to go through me to get to him.”

To Be Continued

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